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Create a positive and long-lasting relationship with your Clients

Business owners believe that it is their product that makes their clients stay. Yeah, it might be a factor but not always true. Talking to small business owners and their clients made me realize that it is not only about their product or their service why the customers stay – it is actually about how they make their clients feel. Small business owners have this competitive advantage over their larger corporate counterparts as they can be more personal and hands-on with their customers. Let me share to you tips that these small businesses do to make their clients keep coming back to them:

  1. Step into their shoes.

Give them the feel that you would want to experience if you are on their part. Think about the whole customer process. Why did you interact with this company in the first place? What are the products/services that you needed? When did you stop talking to them? Giving your customers a positive experience will create a memorable experience for them.

  1. Don’t be too efficient.

Yes, your clients want to feel special and appreciate quick responses but it doesn’t harm either if you take few extra minutes to give them better and concrete answers. Showing them extra attention will result in a positive experience, positive word of mouth and earned mindshare for your company overall. The opposite is also true: If customers feel rushed with no real, special attention they will walk away with a negative experience and probably won’t come back.

  1. Give them guidance.

Offer expert advice on what is best for your customers’ needs. Do not just focus on selling your product or service. Offer alternative options even if your product is not what they are looking for. This way, you will build trust with them and they will remember you. They will surely get back to you and remember your support and come back for re-purchases in the future.

  1. Welcome direct customer feedback.

Your customers are your reason for being. Hearing what they have to say would make them feel more valuable. You can choose to hear your customers give their personal feedback or use existing sites like Yelp, Facebook, or Twitter. Be sure to respond too. Responding to your customers’ feedback will give you the opportunity to show that you want a continuous relationship with them

  1. Be with them end to end .

Do not just give your customer an initially good experience like when they are just inquiring about your product or services. Make sure that you give them the best experience until the end. Give them updates and feedback during the process. Tell them what will happen after you finish the job. Your customer will appreciate the added attention and consider you a trusted partner rather than a one-time purchase.

It is often the experience that makes your customers remember you. Take time to create a memorable experience for them.

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