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The Cloud – Small Business Owner’s Best Friend

The “Cloud” In this day and age, technology is everyone’s best friend as it gives convenience to the things we do. And for small business owner’s, the cloud technology is indeed their best friend. Jim Secord, CEO of Kashoo said that the cloud is the business owner’s secret to peace of mind. How is this?[…]

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For small business owners: Do you know these 3 crucial documents?

Three Crucial Documents Are you a small business owner? Are you sure that you know the critical things you have to know? Let me share to you 3 documents that are crucial for your business: Profit and Loss Your profits are measured using the net income statement.  Consult this statement to make sure you are[…]

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Balance Sheet: Why is it important to your business?

Balance Sheets The balance sheet, also called ‘statement of financial position’ is an important tool for understanding the health of your business. In summary, this sheet shows your company’s assets, liabilities, and equity. And to put it simply, it is called a balance sheet because your assets must equal your liabilities plus your equity (Assets[…]